Our Featured Oysters

Blue Point Oysters – Long Island, NY

Wild cultured in Oyster Harbor, Long Island, NY, this oyster has nourished New York City for nearly 200 years. A great oyster for beginning shellfish eaters. Bluepoints feature a full, rounded shell, mild salinity and a faintly sweet finish.

Damariscotta Oysters – Maine

These Large oysters are grown exclusively in the Damariscotta River Estuary, where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The water is brackish, meaning a mix of salt and fresh water. The region is known for its extremely pristine waters. They have hard shells and deep, full cups. The meats are extremely plump and surprisingly salty for the brackish water in which they are grown. They are clean and crisp in flavor, because of the clean, cold water and rocky bottom.

Malpeque Oysters – Prince Edward Island

Malpeques are slower growing oysters harvested from the cold waters of P.E.I. The longer growth period makes them a richer tasting oyster. They are briny with a sweet finish.

Wellfleet Oysters – Massachusetts

Perhaps New England’s most famous oyster, the Wellfleet is farm raised in its namesake harbor town on the outer reaches of Cape Cod. These oysters are medium sized, light-bodied, rich and flavorful with the clean, crisp, signature seaweed finish of Wellfleet.

Powder Point Oysters – Duxbury, MA

Southwest winds in Duxbury Bay sometimes create a natural upweller effect, blowing warm surface waters across the Bay and drawing up cold,
extremely salty water from the bottom. If you like brutally briny oysters, Duxburies will be among your favorites. They are medium in size with large
fluted, green & white shells. The cup is deep, the meats are silky smooth and they are very salty in flavor with a clean, lingering finish.

Katama Bay – Martha’s Vineyard

Katama, which means “crab-fishing place” in Wampanoag, is a shellfish bonanza. Oysters sit happily in shallow waters, on a nice, solid substrate and get scrubbed clean in the currents. Their shells are deeply cupped with extremely plump meats and a flavor that mixes intense brine with a sweet-cream roundness.

Create Your Own Oyster Platter

Choose any combination of oysters from our selection and build a platter to suit your tastes.

Dozen $29.00

Half Dozen $16.00

Each $2.75

Served with House-Made Cocktail Sauce and Traditional Red Wine Mignonette

Classic Oyster Shooter $4

One shucked oyster, with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and lemon juice. Served in a shot glass with your choice of Woo-Tang IPA by Flying Dreams Brewery or Deep Eddy Vodka.

Hot Appetizers $10.99

Fried Seafood Spring Rolls

Shrimp, lobster, scallop and oyster, kimchi, yuzu honey dipping sauce.

Smoked Bacon and Spinach Oyster

Baked half shell oyster topped with crumbled smoked bacon, shallots, fresh spinach and melted bleu cheese.

Classic Oyster Stew

Cream, butter, sherry, celery, shallots and a dash of Tabasco, need we say more?

Fried Kimchi Oysters

Crisp fried oysters on house-made Kimchi with spicy mayo.

Grilled Oyster

Manchego cheese, crispy andouille sausage, and green chili vinaigrette.

Bang Bang Oyster

Fried oysters tossed in house-made bang bang sauce.


comes with your choice of wedge salad or soup du jour

Fried Oysters $19.99

Crispy fried oysters served with french fries and coleslaw.

Creole Oyster & Shrimp Jambalaya $19.99

Fresh oysters, shrimp and Cajun Andouille sausage are simmered with tomatoes, onions, peppers and celery then served over fragrant rice.

Haddock with Crispy Oysters $23.99

Pan roasted haddock topped with a tasso hollandaise, New England collard greens and corn and parmesan polenta.

Surf and Turf $24.99

Prime bistro steak over Yukon gold mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, fried oysters, and hollandaise sauce.