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Our Featured Oysters

Katama Oysters – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Katama, which means “crab-fishing place” in Wampanoag, is a shellfish bonanza. Oysters sit happily in shallow waters, on a nice, solid substrate
and get scrubbed clean in the currents. Their shells are deeply cupped with extremely plump meats and a flavor that mixes intense brine with a
sweet-cream roundness.

Damariscotta Oysters – Maine

These Large oysters are grown exclusively in the Damariscotta River Estuary ,where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. The water is brackish, meaning a mix of salt and fresh water. The region is known for its extremely pristine waters. They have hard shells and deep, full cups. The meats are extremely plump and surprisingly salty for the brackish water in which they are grown. They are clean and crisp in flavor, because of the clean, cold water and rocky bottom.

Chebooktook Oysters – New Brunswick, Canada

Grown in the pristine waters in ideal conditions of Bouctouche Bay, New Brunswick these oysters have a medium cup with smooth, uniform brown shells with a flavor that has balanced salinity that’s rich and flavorful with a sweet brothy finish.

Wellfleet Oysters – Massachusetts

Perhaps New England’s most famous oyster, the Wellfleet is farm raised in its namesake harbor town on the outer reaches of Cape Cod. These oysters are medium sized, light-bodied, rich and flavorful with the clean, crisp, signature seaweed finish of Wellfleet.

Duxbury Oysters – Duxbury, MA

Cultivated in the cold, grassy, nutrient rich waters of Duxbury Bay, which is actually a small bay within Cape Cod Bay. The steady southwesterly winds help blow warm waters away and as a result the waters here are colder than Cape Cod Bay. These conditions give Duxbury Oysters a plump, buttery texture and taste.

Blue Point Oysters – New York

Wild cultured in Oyster Harbor, Long Island, NY, this oyster has nourished New York City for nearly 200 years. A great oyster for beginning shellfish eaters. Bluepoints feature a full, rounded shell, mild salinity and a faintly sweet finish.

Create Your Own Oyster Platter

Choose any combination of oysters from our selection and build a platter to suit your tastes.

Dozen $37.99

Half Dozen $19.99

Each $3.50

Served with House-Made Cocktail Sauce and Traditional Red Wine Mignonette

Hot Appetizers

Oysters Rockefeller $13.99

Our version of this classic dish with chopped spinach and cheese sauce. Broiled until hot and bubbly.

Asian Tempura Oyster $13.99

Tempura fried oysters over seaweed salad drizzled with hoisin sauce and wasabi cream.

Bang Bang Oyster $13.99

Crispy fried oysters with a spicy sweet Thai chili sauce.

French Quarter Oyster $13.99

Golden fried oyster on top savory andouille sausage, drizzled with a light wasabi sauce.

Buffalo Oyster $13.99

Crispy fried oysters tossed in buffalo sauce topped with crumbled bleu and garnished with shaved carrot and celery.

Oysters on the Half Shell with Tuna Tartare $18.99

Chebooktook oysters topped with tuna tartare with pickled radish and a honey-yuzu mignonette.


comes with your choice of wedge salad or soup du jour

Fried Oysters Roll $24.99

Crispy deep fried oysters in a toasted brioche roll with remoulade sauce and shredded lettuce. Served with French fries and cole slaw.

Creole Oyster & Shrimp Gumbo $27.99

Louisiana style gumbo with fried oysters, shrimp, and Cajun andouille sausage, served with jasmine rice.

Stuffed Haddock $35.99

North Atlantic haddock, baked with a smoked oyster stuffing. Served with roasted asparagus and a tarragon cream sauce.

Marsala Salmon and Oyster $32.99

Pan seared salmon with shallots, sliced crimini mushrooms and a Marsala demi glaze. Served with crispy oysters, bleu cheese mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach.

Fried Oyster Tacos $24.99

Fried oysters served with a Cape Cod slaw, pickled shallot, chopped tomato, spicy mayo drizzle, soft flour tortillas with traditional rice and beans.