30+ Years Old and Still the Freshest Thing in Town

It’s not enough that The Sole Proprietor has been named Worcester’s best seafood restaurant annually in local reader polls for more than 30 years running. It has also been named one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in the country – an especially rare distinction for restaurants not based in big cities.

Such accolades don’t just happen. It takes a long-standing emphasis on quality in everything from the décor of the restaurant to the service and, of course, the food.

Since opening in 1979, The Sole has developed an atmosphere all its own, thanks in large part to the work of noted restaurant designer Peter Niemitz of Niemitz Design Group. Enter the restaurant and on one side you’ll find an elegant, but intimate dining area. On the other, you’ll see a bar that attracts everyone from business executives to local politicians to neighborhood residents.

The menu is equally varied, with plenty of seafood choices, in addition to chicken, steak and other alternatives. Of course, the emphasis is on fish. The Sole Proprietor’s passion for seafood is also a passion for freshness. At The Sole, all fish is bought daily from the best suppliers in the business and is cut to order, because it’s a simple fact that the fresher the fish, the better it tastes.

That’s one reason The Sole is accustomed to receiving not only awards – including an award as Worcester’s Best Restaurant – but four-star reviews.

At The Sole, the menu is as fresh as the seafood and features locally sourced seafood, such as haddock, scallops, swordfish, tuna and bluefish, as well as seasonal dishes and traditional favorites.

Wine is also essential to the dining experience at The Sole — and our staff is trained to help you choose the perfect wine to complement your meal. We could tell you about the quality of our wines, but we believe the fact that The Sole has received Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” every year since 2001 says it all.

Of course, service is also key to the quality of a restaurant. The Sole’s staff is trained to be knowledgeable about seafood, wine and how to treat our customers. You’ll feel welcomed the minute you walk in the door.

The Sole was not named among the best seafood restaurants in the country for its food or its wine, for its décor or the hospitality its staff provides. It was ranked among the country’s best for its ability to offer all of these things.